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AB6FO Multi-Op - Claimed WRTC Sweep #1?

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Subject: AB6FO Multi-Op - Claimed WRTC Sweep #1?
From: KWIDELITZ@delphi.com (KWIDELITZ@delphi.com)
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 02:42:50 -0500 (EST)
Anybody get a WRTC sweep (plus the 2 wildcards) before 1344? Mine were
all 40 CW S&P. Quick count is 157 1 X 1's.

372 Qs X 35 X 8 = 31,132, Check log only, 10 minute rule violated
when doing two radio demonstration in multi-op.

Packet sure made this fun at the beginning. I had the multi-op feeling
before any ops arrived. I had about a dozen
SCCC members in for a BBQ and two radio demo. Great weather and
got to show off the shack for the first time.

It amazes me what a tough path it is between LA & SF, only about
300 miles.

On 15 W6EEN couldn't hear my spots, (and I could barely hear them
myself.) He is about 120 miles mostly East of me. On 40 in the evening I
couldn't hear his spots. Most of the time the best path was to
point the beam about 50 degrees east of SF. I guess the WRTCers
were beaming East Coast/Europe or Japan and LA is off the side.

Prediction: The WRTC winner will have over an hour on 10 meter CW
and 10 will be the difference between 1st & 2nd. (Though we
worked no 1 X 1 WRTCers on 10.) It sure was a fun opening on CW. N6AZE had
the rate meter around 120/130 for a while with 6 guys chatting in the shack.


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