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K3WW IARU/WRTC chasing mini multi

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Subject: K3WW IARU/WRTC chasing mini multi
From: k3ww@fast.net (Charles Fulp)
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 14:32:03 +0000
I operated Multi Multi...Packet 2 radios, fast band changes and
1 operator. Operated only from 1200 until 0600 when the WRTC event
ended.  My goal was to maximize my WRTC team QSOs.  I worked
some close friends (now you know who you are), and some very
loud HQ type stations.  All contacts were made with the beams
all locked on San Francisco for the whole event.  On 10 meters
Europe was much louder that way than the WRTC guys were.

330 QSO  30 zones  15 HQ for 45,270 Points<<<<<<<<<<<IARU SCORE>>>>>

worked W1AW/3 both modes on all 6 bands. 
They were the only stations I worked on 80 and 160!.


40CW  52    SSB   7   I HATE 40 PHONE
20CW  54    SSB  51
15CW  46    SSB  20
10CW  37    SSB   0   S9 NOISE!

TOT  189         78   =  267 WRTC QSOS AS BEST AS I CAN COUNT
Most worked K6T  7 valid plus 2 dupes ..sri guys blew call in qrm
least worked K6Q  2 QSOS

Great operators, Extremely competetive (with each other) signals,
no one station stood out on all bands, and few were much above
the average on any band.  One or two were very weak whenever heard,
most were somewhat weak on most bands, here in Pennsylvania.

We did some speculating and much chatting on the packet cluster. 
I spent a lot of time showing KR2Q how to NOT be a passive packet 
user.  A bunch of us got all 54 stations, and are planning
a big CARD game, We were able to get  nice picture of the activities,
from pretty far away.  
My prediction...someone had a real good multiplier strategy, and
many had similar contact/QSO point totals.  On the other hand
maybe you cant work mults from California, and the fastest CW
runner will be the winner.  

73 Chas K3WW

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