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K8AZ IARU Result

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: K8AZ IARU Result
From: Nzharps@aol.com (Nzharps@aol.com)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 14:31:22 -0400
Call: K8AZ (K8NZ,opr.)            S/O Mixed Mode

Band     QSO      Pts.       Zones       HQ
 160         14        28            5            1
  80         40        66            6             1
  40        260      742           23           11
  20      1336     4456          41           18
 15         279      805          20           12
 10         101      335          13            5
Total     2030    6432          108         48      Score: 1,003,392

Comment:  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...
     The GOOD-- Great band conditions on 10,15 and 20. Fun to run EU on 10m
and have 15m runable for the last hour of the contest.  SSB rates on 20m were
excellent. The WRTC guys helped boost overall activity..they also made for
quick and snappy Q's on the 2nd radio.  Z30M called in at 1158Z to get score
over my 1 Meg goal.
     The BAD-- Thunderstorm shutdown at 0037Z. Woudn't have been right to
have AZ come home from San Fran to find the station fried to a crisp.  QRN
levels were terrible..only one EU on 80 with no HQ stations worked.
     The UGLY-- "B" radio amp went up in smoke 15 minutes into the
contest...awsome sight and smell.

WRTC: Congrats to Jeff and Dan on their big win.  Made 108 WRTC Q's without
using packet.  Guess you couldn't work IARU hard and still turn in a
respectable WRTC total.

     Thanks to Tom, K8AZ for entrusting me with the station while he was
having a ball in San Fran at WRTC.

     73, Ron K8NZ

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