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IARU HF Contest

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: IARU HF Contest
From: AA8AV@Concentric.net@cris.com (Ken Meier)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 21:34:50 -0400
Following is my Score in this years contest

Category:  Single Operator/Unassisted  All Band  CW Only  - No SSB
           Low Power 100 watts (Had to get that in there) 
           IARU needs to recognize Low Power 

Break Down:

Band    CW QSO's        Mults
160      11              4
 80      33              5
 40     378             29
 20     595             43
 15     102             19
 10      94             15
Total  1213            115 =  407,445


Worked the full 24 hours - very hard.  Concentrated on keeping the rate 
up.  The WRTC group defintely helped - very good activity.  Opening to 
EU on 20 was not very good.  Nothing like last year.  Signals were weak 
at first and they couldn't hear me - did a lot of P/S - was able 
to run EU much later.  Kudo's for the WRTC gang - they did a splendid 
job of increasing the activity on the bands, expecially when the band 
conditions were down from last year.  I was able to make 138 contacts 
plus another 4 from AH3C and AH3D.  I was surprised to see 10 and 15 
open up.  Actually closed out the contest working on 10 meters. All and 
all - I had a blast as usual.  Until the next - 73's.           

                                                        AA8AV - Ken

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