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To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: WB1GQR IARU Score
From: WB2JSJ@vbi.champlain.edu (Mitchell Stern)
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 3:36:59 -4-1

     Call used: WB1GQR

     Callsign of Operator: WB2JSJ

     Single-Operator - Phone only
     no packet, no DVK, no nonsense

     moderately high power (950w)

     Continent:    NA
     Country:      US
     ITU Zone:     08
     ARRL Section: VT

     Number of hours of operation: 18

     band     CW QSOS  CW pts    SSB QSOS  SSB pts   mults

     160          0        0          5        9        4
      80          0        0         45      103       14
      40          0        0         52      142       11
      20          0        0        940     2258       43
      15          0        0        152      332       28
      10          0        0        140      228       14

     total:       0        0       1334     3072      114  =   
                                                   (77z + 37m)

Score: 350,208

I jumped into the IARU to check out a radio which was just
repaired.  I managed to have such a terrible time that I spent 18
hours at this!  Conditions were strange, poor, wonderful and
exciting, all at the same time.  I had a ball!

20m never produced much of a run into Europe.  Heard and worked
all the big stations, got a few to answer CQ's, but it was slow
going. At the same time, there were tremendous short skip
openings on 20 meters allowing me to work the "dense pack" of
stations in 1-2-3 land.  (First hour rate was 200!).

Similar story on 15 and 10 meters.  15 had enough zip to allow me
to pick up the mults in Europe and run a few in the states.  10
meters was sporadic-E haven.  It was tough chosing between
100+/hour runs of 1 pointers or S&Ping DX at 20/hour. 
Consequently the average points per contact is quite low.  (But I
like quick runs!)

160/80/40 were quite useless.  I used them to pick up mults.  40m
was loaded with broadcast, 80 and 160 had tons of noise.

I was bored.  I tried 20m at 0600 - there were Europeans calling
CQ!  Worked a bunch of new ones.  Tried 15 meters - same story.
Got crazy and jumped to 10 meters and was picking up Europe mults
at 0800!  Don't see that too often over here.

Being just on SSB, the WRTC guys were fairly scarce.  Worked only
a handful until they showed up in force on 20m around 0100.  The
sigs were all about the same on 20m.  Only heard 2 on 40m.

The WRTC certainly put a certain "zip" to this summer doldrum
contest.  Let's do it again soon.

73, Mitch WB2JSJ/WB1GQR

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