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SL0CB IARU96 MultiSingle

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: SL0CB IARU96 MultiSingle
From: txt@canit.se (Torgny)
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 17:40:07 +0200
                      IARU HF Championship    1996

      Call: SL0CB                    Country:  Sweden

      Category: Multi Single
      Operators: SM0GNU (SSB), SM0TXT (CW) and Norton Utilities for DOS 

      160       23       39     1.70      3     11
       80       87      231     2.66      7     15
       40      278      878     3.16     20     16
       20      816     2996     3.67     37     17
       15      364     1160     3.19     21     15
       10      346     1226     3.54     15     16
     Totals   1914     6530     3.41    103     90

                 Score: 1,260,290 points

      Rig : IC765
      PA  : Alpha
      Ant : 10-40m - 4 ele HyGain Explorer 14 @18m
            80m    - Vertical with some 40 radials
            160m   - dummyload-dipole

 Conds were way out of the ordinary! Not that often one can
 work USA on 10m between 1930-2130z (=2130-2330 local)! No 
 big W6-opening on 20 during sunday-morning though and we only 
 managed to work 5 of the WRTC-teams (W6E/W6H/K6S/K6M/AH3D). 

 So, how did Norton get involved in this? Well..when we were
 at about 1600QSO's into the contest, the 286 we were logging
 on started taking an awful long time for dupe-checking and re-
 gistering, so we decided to switch the logging over to a lap-
 top 486 that was available. Said and done, five minutes later
 the logging was fast and smooth again and we were happy.

 Two hours later we noticed that the iaru.cty-file in the laptop
 must be older than the one in the 286 since some countries
 were bad and they hadn't been that on the other computer, soo..
 what to do? Simply take the iaru.cty from the 286 and copy it
 into the laptop. Quick and easy. We thought. Somehow did we 
 manage not only to copy the iaru.cty-file over to the laptop, 
 but also the two hour older iaru.bin-file....oooh no! Two hours
 and some 150 QSO's lost! Luckily there were no priest around, 
 had there been, his ears would have melted. 
 A bunch of banging the computer and curses later we were about
 to call it quits when I came up with an idea..ta-da - the logfile
 was overwritten, but since the other file was bigger there must
 still be fragments left of it on the HD. Enter Norton Utilities
 for DOS and his DISKEDIT. Ulf/GNU took the computer with him home
 to search for it while I continued the contest on the 286 with 
 my fingers crossed. 45 minutes later he returned with the 
 laptop and a smile! He found the lost QSO's! Thank you, Peter
 Norton! All that remained was to merge the log-differences 
 together, but that could wait until after the contest. 

 Otherwise, a very pleasant contest. Biggest surprise after the
 10-meter-openings was working W1AW/3 at 0704z on 15m CW while
 beaming Japan, signals sure travel strange paths sometimes..
 /Torgny - SM0TXT

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