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IARU contest - W3GOI

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: IARU contest - W3GOI
From: junger@usgs.gov (Unger)
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:14:36 -0500
                               IARU SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 13-Jul-96, 14-Jul-96

    Callsign Used : W3GOI
        Operators : JOHN UNGER

         Category : SO, CW only, NO packet!

 Default Exchange : 599 08

             Name : John Unger
          Address : P. O. Box 95
   City/State/Zip : Hamilton, VA 20159
          Country : United States

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Zones

   40CW      169         168        511       9        20
   20CW      514         501       1685      11        33
   15CW      100          98        431      10        18
   10CW       24          24         96       3         7

 Totals      807         791       2723      33        78

    Preliminary Score = 302253 points.

 Rig: Corsair II and Drake L-4B
 Ants: Windom (now deceased :-( ) at 50'; KT34-A at 40'

 I operated ~14 hours of this contest and had a blast, at least until
 Murphy showed up... About midnight local time (0400Z) I was happily
 running stations on 40 at a great rate when suddenly all I could hear
 from my rig was a steady hisssss...  The balun (suspected, not 
 in my Windom had given up and my plans to switch to 80 for some new
 mults suddenly disappeared!  I did what any brave contester would do in
 a similar situation - I went to bed and got up early to catch Europe
 and Asia on 20 for the rest of the contest time.  One outstanding
 highlight was working VS6BG for my last contact at 1159!

 It was wonderful having both 10 and 15 meters open some of the time.
 This contest could become one of my favorites, especially if the 
 exchange were made a bit more meaningful.  There seemed to be lots of
 people on the air, but the bands weren't unbearably crowded. All of the
 WRTC stations sounded about the same here - an S-unit or so above the
 noise level, but, as others have mentioned, unmistakable good fists.

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