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NAQP Results-ND8L

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Subject: NAQP Results-ND8L
From: ND8L@aol.com (ND8L@aol.com)
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 15:52:43 -0400
ND8L Claimed Score, Single OP, all bands:

Station Location:  Poland, Ohio
Team:  Underdogs

80: 11/9
40: 28/17
20: 65/25
15: 8/3
10: 2/1 

Total: 6,441 - 8 Hours

Rig:  FT-1000MP
Ant:  Force 12 C4 at 40' and W9INN Sloper for 80/40
Amp: Henry 1KD5 @ 150 watts
TU:  P-38 & WF1B Ver2.5C

Since everybody else is complaining about sunspots...I'll blame my low
production on atmospherics, too.  But Murphy came callin' after midnight with
some serious SWR problems on all bands.  Later found out it was a defective
switch in the MFJ-989 Tuner. Started off on 10...2 crushing signals from
South Florida, but nothing else.  
Gotta get more folks up there...we had a blast on 10 last week for the WRTC.
 Left a lot of Q's on the table on 15, too.  Worked AA5AU last night around
8:30PM local...but nobody else home.

High Points:  ZD8DEZ on 20, GW5NF and S57W calling me on 40, and working all
Low Points:  A lot of F1 action...no response?  My breath?

Thanks to AB5KD for starting a great contest tradition.  Way to go, Ron!!!

73, Ray  

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