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To: <3830@contesting.com>
From: kn6dv@qnet.com (Will, KN6DV)
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 20:33:31 -0700
KN6DV score NAQP RTTY 1996

BAND    QSO's   QTH     DX
80      24      11      0
40      117     37      0
20      175     41      2
15      32      17      0
10      0       0       0
        348     106     2       (10 dupe's)
36504 points

Team: The Left Coasters
Equipment: Icom 775 DSP (150 watts)
Antenna's: Hy-Gain 155-CA (5 elm 15M)
            Hy-Gain 205-BA (5 elm 20M)
            Mosley S-402-M (2 elm 40M)
            full Delta loop 80M

The family and me went on a camping trip Friday afternoon and I came back
home Saturday morning to do the contest.
I had everything setup and working last week, so I turned the equipment on
Saturday morning  and NO it was not working (now I know why they put those
little screws on the computer connectors) so use those screws! (the
connector got bumped of  from the back of the computer)
Then for some reason the SWR on the 80 meter delta loop was sky high, but
after trouble shooting that everything went smooth.
I am glad that I did some antenna work this spring, I made all mono
banders resonant on the usual RTTY freq. So I don't have to use any
I had a good contest and hope we can get some more RTTY players.
I used Ray's (WF1B) and Brian's (K6STI) software and for me that is the
only way to go for RTTY.
Thanks Ray and Brian!

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