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RTTY Rats Team Scores

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: RTTY Rats Team Scores
From: Ron-Stailey@easy.com (Ron Stailey, AB5KD)
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 01:42:08 -0600
        NAQP RTTY Rats Team Scores

  Call     QSO's     QTH's     DX     Score
  AB5KD    454       131       1      59,796
  KF3P     419       129       8      56,444
  NA4M     314       103       1      32,656
  WF1B     304        99       1      30,200
  WA6VZI   294        96       3      28,809
   Had a lot of fun for the first go at NAQP in RTTY mode..
   It was a little slow, my best rate was 66 per hour. 
   Worst was around 25 per hour.   I'm sure it will improve
   over the coming years..  

   Before the test K1IU had said he was going to do the first
   10 hrs..  KF3P said about the same thing, I figured this
   being the first year most would do the same. Sure thought I
   messed up when the I went to 80m and every body and there 
   dog did the same. I had just under an hour to go..  Made 48
   qso's and 30 something were mults.. 

   Funny things: WF1B called me on 20m wanting to try 15, I went
   called cq worked a N.Y. station, couldn't hear R.I.  same thing
   for KF3P and I could work MD he could work TX we couldn't work
   each other on the high bands..  

   DX stations worked: I worked, GW, SM, HK, IZ, G, on 20m.  
   S5, GW, XE, G on 40m.     

   For the ones that sent me a thanks for getting NAQP on
   RTTY mode, I thank you for the flowers.  But, it takes 
   all of you to make it work, Soooo, I thank all of you 
   for participating, and the NCJ for sponsoring it..
   Lets do it again next year. :-)

   Logs: You can send Paper, 3 1/2" disk, e-mail. Please send 
   everything. Ray WF1B is writing me some S/W that will help
   check the logs much easier.. In case it doesn't work out 
   the way we hope it will send everything..  (.BIN) file..  

     73's  de Ron AB5KD 

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