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AE0M FD '96 Score and Story (LONG)

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: AE0M FD '96 Score and Story (LONG)
From: becker@shell.portal.com (Tony and Celia Becker)
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 14:54:29 -0600
                         ARRL FIELD DAY -- 1996

      Call: AE0M                     Category: 1A
          Power: 100W

       80        0       0             9      18        80m dipole @ 43'
tuned feed
       40      199     796           190     380        80m dipole @ 43'
tuned feed
       20      202     808           283     566        TH3 on 45'
       15        3      12            48      96        TH3 on 45'
       10        0       0             4       8        TH3 on 45'
               404            +       534                      =   938 Total
                      1616          +       1068  + 100 BONUS  =  2784 Total
Equipment Description:  FT-990, & 486DX2-66 MHz running CT ver. 9.23, 5KW

Operators: KK6NR, AE0M, NOBBS, Phoenix Bill 

A view from a shanghaied helper: We got up early on Saturday with promises
of a nice breakfast and a "little bit" of loading of STUFF into the van.
There was a LOT of stuff and that included a big heavy green Thing: a
military tower complete with stand, some installation manuals apparently
still in the original sealed cartons.  

Oh, you say, I forgot about the fancy breakfast, well so did he.  He offered
McDonald's instead.  

We wound the minivan through hair pin curves so sharp we could see our rear
license plate, up to parts of the Santa Cruz mountains I never knew existed,
then up a driveway to a hilltop which a should have had a great view of San
Francisco Bay. 

The site had been described to me as being a nicely leveled spot in a tree
lined forest.  When I stepped out I found myself head high in weeds and
surrounded by trees.  First we had to chop down the weeds before we could
manhandle the tower and gear.  I didn't understand that weed sickles and
tree trimmers were standard Field Day gear.  After about an hour, the site
was clear, all the Stuff was unloaded, and the view of the Bay was apparent.

Walt, KK6NR arrived with even more Stuff to unload and orders from his wife
and recent deliverer of twins to stay within earshot of the cellular phone.
As we set up the shack and gear, the owner of the site and ex. Ham J.B.
arrived to supervise and was pressed into servitude.  There were references
by handheld radio from Celia, N0BBS, to a nice lunch just waiting to arrive
when the station was completed.

About 6 PM Walt left for the evening feeding and changing duty.  After
hundreds of QSO's and a beautiful sunset, Celia, J.B.'s wife Janice, and
lunch arrived around 10:00 P.M. PST.  The dinner was great but by then even
old twinkies and a warm coke would have tasted good then.

I was then coerced to take the mike while Tony, AE0M, ate dinner and before
I knew it I was all alone and the funny numbers in the upper right corner of
the computer screen were slowly rising.  Well, not really alone, the four of
them were yelling callsigns they could hear ten feet away through the tent
window and I couldn't make out faster than I can type.  THIS WAS FUN!?

I can't remember much of Sunday, just that Walt and J.B. were there again
and then all the Stuff had to come down, be squeezed into the minivan or
sedan, hauled back home, and unloaded.

As the friend of a contester, I have just learned that you don't agree to
give a little help on a field day.  First of all you should have been smart
enough to know what you were getting into.  As a novice helper I found out
that you bring your own provisions and don't volunteer. 

Phoenix Bill

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