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WB0OLA LP Sprint Summary

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: WB0OLA LP Sprint Summary
From: 76353.1416@compuserve.com (Jim Walter)
Date: 08 Sep 96 01:15:27 EDT
               North American Sprint CW Contest - Fall 1996

    Callsign used = WB0OLA
    State = IN
    Name Used = Jim
    Power = 100 Watts

    80       37     12
    40       35     18
    20        0      0

   All       72     30  = 2160

Equipment:  Kenwood TS-440S, 100 Watts

Antennas:  Carolina Windom

Club or team:  Society of Midwest Contestors

Remarks:  I got a late start due to work.  Managed 1:45 of operation.  Tried
          some new things with TR 4.05, worked much better but still had some
          trouble.  What I need is practice, practice, practice.

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated my transmitter within
the limitations of my license and have observed fully the rules and 
regulations of the contest:

Signature  _____James A. Walter______________________    Date  __08 Sept 96__

Address:  James A. Walter
          1515 Lawndale Rd.
          Elkhart, IN  46514

E-Mail:   76353.1416@compuserve.com

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