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N3RS Score (Long, but readable)

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: N3RS Score (Long, but readable)
From: sig@newtech.net (R. Sigismonti)
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 14:53:37 -0500
I am very embarassed about my inability to use this E-mail system as 
well as I should.  My last two attempts at posting the score from 
N3RS were less than satisfactory.  I hope this will fix remedy the 

                    CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1996

      Call: N3RS                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi (4 tx)


      160      155       414     2.67     18      73
       80       517     1436     2.78     27     102
       40     1299     3752     2.89     39     148
       20     1992     5800     2.91     40     155
       15     1051     3030     2.88     30     132
       10        67       134     2.00     16       35

     Totals   5081    14566     2.87    170     645  =>  11,871,290

Operator List: N3RD, N3ED, W3UM, WA3LRO, N2SR(ex-KY2T) & N3RS

Equipment Description: 2 IC-775's, IC-765 & TS-950SDX
                                   3 Alpha 76PA's & a Ten-Tec Titan
Antennas: 160M Vertical with elevated radials
                  80M 4V array & rotary dipole @ 140 ft.
                  40M 3 el @ 140 ft.
                  20M 3-stack of 5 el yagis @ 37/77/117 ft.
                  15M 3-stack of 4 el yagis @ 46/87/130 ft.
                  10M 2-stack of 4 el yagis @ 22/50 ft. & 4 el yagi @ 87 ft.
                  NE, W & S beverage rx antennas for 160 & 80M

Club Affiliation: Frankford Radio Club

We had a ball with the great conditions on the LF bands.  We normally 
compete in the M/S category in this one, but had too many op's for 
that, so Dave (RD) and Tom (SR) helped me move about half a ton of 
junk out of the shack and set up the 3rd & 4th stations.  Things 
worked GREAT!  Even had less interstation interference than when we 
go M/S.

My personal greatest disappointments were getting off to such a lousy 
start on 40M ( 80 QSO's in the first Hr.) and missing the VU in the 
early evening on Saturday.  I did hear him on Sunday very early, but 
was unable to attract his attention while he was running around 
abswering European CQ's.

Dave, N3RD did an outstanding job on 20M this year.  His usually does 
15M, but landed on 20 and couldn't be moved once he got going.

All of the op's did a great job and I want to go on record, thanking 
them all for their excellent efforts.

73 de Sig, N3RS
de Sig, N3RS

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