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Subject: W1NN NAQP From MA/CT
From: wallace offutt <woffutt@davinci.netaxis.com> (wallace offutt)
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 20:20:57 -0500 (EST)
NAQP CW Score from W1NN QTH:  MA & CT

264 x 123 = 32,472 points

6 hours

I had a meeting in MA that lasted until 4 PM, so I took the mobile gear
along to work the contest in the car on the way home. 

I was going to be operating from two states and from both the car and the
home station, so I wasn't quite sure how to sign.  I wanted to use the
club call while in MA and my own call in CT but the rules specifically
prohibit this, so I decided to just go with my own call the whole time and
change the state.  The first 30 or so contacts were made from MA and the
remainder from CT.  Only one station asked me about the inconsistency. 

(I've often thought it would be interesting to use a different name on
each band, but I don't suppose this would make me many friends.)

Worked about 70 stations while driving home (2.5 hours), mostly on 10 and
15.  Not a great rate but a slow rate is better than no rate.  I have a
table that fits in the passenger seat so the rig, paddle, keyer and log
are right there at elbow height.  After some practice operating and
logging is pretty easy, especially in a contest with no serial numbers and
where you know a lot of exchanges and can fill them in later. It's a
little harder after the sun sets 'cause you have to leave a light on to
see the log. 

Congrats to everyone on the great scores.

See you all in the CQ WW 160 CW test.


Hal W1NN

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