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N3BB SSB Sprint Score

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Subject: N3BB SSB Sprint Score
From: russ@inetport.com (russ)
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 22:35:32 -0600 (CST)
I had been feeling pretty sick for a few days but at 2200z I thought I'd
give this one a shot.  Jim's (N3BB) place is an hour away so I got there at
about 2320z and was setup by 2340z.  (Jim leaves it in 2 radio mode now.)  

As I was tuning around on 20m before the test I said to Jim that I hoped
there would be someone on the band to work.  Conditions on 20m were terrible.  

I made my first 40m Q at 0020z and even though it was a second radio Q I
normally hope to be too occupied by 20 at that time to even look elsewhere.
I went to 40m to stay at 0043z.  What was really depressing was that I made
my first 80m q at 0137z!  I don't even like to think about 80m 'til 0345z or
so.  At 0216z I started to really look around on 80m and spent the last 2
hours flipping the toggle switches on my 2 radio box between 40m and 80m. 

My cold seemed to get worse as the night went on as my voice got very
hoarse.  Even though I was sitting down for 4 hours my body didn't exactly
see the sprint as rest as my temp was 103 degrees by the end of the contest.

The breakdown:

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

   80SSB      64          64         64       4
   40SSB     152         152        152      24
   20SSB      50          50         50      16

 Totals      266         266        266      44

Congrats to the West Coast Boys (K6LL, K6LA and K7SS) for finding some
mults.  I couldn't do anything there.  I guess my highlight was W6TNI
answering my call for Nevada in the final minute.

It sure would be nice to have more participation.  I think it may be time to
resurrect my old CIA.  (Ring any bells early 80's sprinters?)



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