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Subject: K3WW WPX RTTY Score
From: k3ww@fast.net (Charles Fulp)
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 01:07:16 +0000
K3WW Single Op  High Power, VERY VERY part time, but I did
figure out the software, after 2 years off RTTY.

161 Q  113 Mults  52,997 points

A few neat DX QSOs, ran a few, worked some DX on 80 with no
trouble at all.  I switched to my laptop after getting things
running on the pentium (WF1B software seems to run OK under
Windows 95, but I did not try to interface to the radio, if
thats possible...I did forget to switch bands on the software
a few times).  That worked nicely for a little s&p when I had
a few free moments.  Ran the Sprint for 4 full hours, and chased
a few PA stations in their contest.  A great weekend, even if
I only spent a little of it contesting.  

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