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[3830] W4WA 160/SSB/SO/HP score

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: [3830] W4WA 160/SSB/SO/HP score
From: AB4RU@stc.net (Ron Hooper)
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 15:03:29 +0000
Operator: W4WA
Catagory: S/O H/P
Location: Georgia

Qso's      Countries       Sections      Score
1423          49              54         391,440

  After doing the ARRL CW M/O the previous weekend, we had planned not
to do this contest this year. All the op's were burned out. I said it
was was a good call about Friday with a strong wx front moving through
the SE causing sever wx conditions. Friday afternoon I got on at the
start and had about 110 qso's the first hour, I figured the wife would
call down and say get off the radio, saying there is a tornado coming.
Well it never happen and I got out of the chair one time to pee about
2am. I quit operating at 9am on Saturday morning with 879 qso's, 39
countries, 54 sections. The noise had not been as bad as I had predicted
but was bad enough to prevent working some of the weaker stations. I
knew I would have to make 1000 qso's to keep up with Jerry WB9Z, the
first night. I did manage a few good dx contacts, all of which answered
my CQ's. Second night was much more quiet and I was able to pick up a
lot more west coast weak stations. I had a late start getting back on
the second night returning from my state of sleep at 4:45 pm. This was
to much off time during the daytime for a serious effort guys. Rates in
the daytime usually produce about 10 to 15 qso's per hour. That would
mean I probably lost around 80 qso's by not operating during the day. 
   It has been years since I had done a S/O effort on 160. I always
liked the M/O efforts so one had time to sleep and eat in shifts.
Congrads go to Jerry for a really fine S/O effort making over 1700
qso's. I am still waiting to hear how N5JA, John has done. He said at
half time he had real quiet first night and I knew that means a high qso
count. What makes John dangerious is that he works a lot of Europe from
Texas, including all the state side guys. Still lots of fun but NO I am
not operating next week end in the SSB DX test. 
cya..Ron W4WA

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