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[3830] VP2EV- SO/HP - ARRL CW

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Subject: [3830] VP2EV- SO/HP - ARRL CW
From: K7bv@aol.com (K7bv@aol.com)
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 12:50:17 -0500 (EST)
ARRL CW ' 97   
OP  -  Dennis K7BV
Rig:  FT1000MP, MLA2500, Tribander at 60', low band wires
Hours:  42.5


BAND         QSOS        MULTS
160               417              54
80                 772              59
40                 810              57
20               1,274             59
15               1,122             58
10                  1                  1
                   4,396            288
TOTAL        3,798,144

No excuses---a freedom I have because I recognize that I will probably always
be a "wanna be."  Man, that doesn't keep me from trying and having big fun
doing so.

Okay, that's No.2.  Thet say it takes at least three shots at ARRL from the
same DX spot before one even begin to get it right.  "They" are correct!   I
enjoyed my second contest from Anguilla and look forward to No.3 in ' 98.
 The antennas all took a bad beating in the hurricanes last summer so ended
up putting in several hot and humid days working aluminum and pulling wires
up in the brush instead of resting and running EU's to warm up.  Hit the
opening hour very concerned about 40 and the results above show I had every
right to feel that way.  Next year- a "real" beam.  Lost 6 hours of operating
due to additional coax and antenna failures/repairs. The culprits were wet
intermittent coax and gale force winds yanking my wires down.  Conditions
were great on the low bands, 40 weird, 20 up & down, 15 awesome Sat (when the
beam cratered...of course) and good Sun, 10 - well, no new spots shining on
Anguilla yet, tho could hear John @ P40W and Jim @ ZD8Z runn'n
'em...Grrrrrrrrrrr.  By the way, I made a deal just before the contest with
John W2GD op'ing P40W that I would "LET" him have the No.1 spot if I could
get No.2 (yeah, RIGHT ! )  He said "Sure" (probably right after he got up off
the floor from laughing so hard)  Only problem is I failed to consult with
Jim @ZD8Z and a few others so I will just have to wait and see if I "earned"
a No.2.  I'm gett'n too old for this stuff...right, Mr. Laun?

Activity seemed down though cannot prove it by my 20 % increase in Q's.  Lots
of similar calls from the vanity shuffle.  Hearing a KG or TE or SE or SA
only narrowed things down to a smaller pile of possibilities.  And what
happened to the guys who know how to tail end this year?   It's tough to get
a 300 hr without a few good tailenders ! 

Thanks for the great "rate" and fun.  Pardon me if I QLF 'd you.   See ya
same contest from the same place in a year!  Also hope to catch you from
CY9AA in mid June when VE9AA, VE1PZ and I will invade this rock speck in the
Northwest Atlantic.  73 and again thanks for the fun.

Dennis K7BV, VP2EV, P40Z, YB9BV etc. ex AA7VB KZ5M

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