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[3830] Now is the Time!

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Subject: [3830] Now is the Time!
From: newfacts@ascella.net (Don Humphreys)
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 12:45:03 -0400 (EDT)
If you are currently in a network marketing company or have ever
considered one, you owe it to yourself to evaluate the following

. Is the company over five years old? FACT: Ninety-five percent of all
  network marketing companies fail within the first five years. 
  You want to spend your time working for a company that is stable.

. Is the company a product driven company? Quality products
  should come first.

. Is the company debt-free and manufacture their own products?

. Is the company International?

. Is the company earning over two million a month?

. Does the company offer a CAR PROGRAM (car and color of your choice)?

. Does the company offer full major medical and dental INSURANCE PLANS?

. Are the products consumable, unique, and non-duplicatable? 

. Does the marketing plan benefit those who are part-time and full-time?

. Is the marketing system duplicatable? What marketing tools are in place?

. Has the company already reached momentum? As you know, in network marketing
  timing is everything.

If you would like to get on-board with THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME, 
PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND CALL 1-800-326-3051 to learn more about this
exciting opportunity.

After listening to this important message, I'm sure that you will want
to request our FREE cassette tape. If you would like your own copy 
of this valuable tape, send your request via email to: 


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Thank you for your interest.

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