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Subject: [3830] W7VJ IARU S/O AB HP CW ONLY
From: hcgi@nwlink.com (Andrew O. Isar)
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:55:32 -0700
W7VJ IARU Radio Sport Results
Single Operator, CW-Only, High Power, Unassisted, One Radio

Band    Qs      Zones   HQ

160     10      5       2
80      48      10      3
40      392     21      6
20      742     39      18
15      98      10      4
10      1       1       0

Total   1291    86      33

Score 591,549


I agree with Steve, N2IC this is a great contest!  Good starting time, even at 
5AM in the west coast, and a chance to sleep some on Sunday and get back to 
work on Monday!  (Just wish we had more of that CO propagation out here.)

160:    Surprsingly good ... easy to work east coast, VE and KL7 mults from 
here for mults.

80:     Too few JAs but that's to be expected during the summer.  Would have 
been nice to work our typical asian mults - 9V, YC, DU, etc.  but the VKs were 

40:     Great domestic band lots of interesting mults but nothing spectacular.  
Yes, I remember, its summer propagation.  The noise was awful.  Glad I did this 
on CW.

20:     This was the band.  Fair EU opening.  Enjoyed the local midnight 
opening to EU, and cool mults like D2, 5B4.  Would have been nice to hear a few 
more AF.

15:     I miss you JAs.  Had a 70+ hour at 11AM local but propagation was 
marginal thereafter.

10:     Got a local to give me a mult!

All in all, a great primer for the fall contesting season.  New tower up, 
rotating and begging for stacks.  Back to the tower work.  

Very 73

Andrew, W7VJ

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