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[3830] N5LT SSB NAQP

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Subject: [3830] N5LT SSB NAQP
From: russ@inetport.com (Russ - N5LT)
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 22:47:17 -0500 (CDT)
I operated this one from W5KFT's ranch station.  Thanks to Bryan for letting
me come out and thanks to George, K5TR, for his help setting up (and
cleaning the mice out of the PC's).

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

  160SSB       1                 1             1          1 
   80SSB      31               31           31        17 
   40SSB     142            140        140        42 
   20SSB     536            525        525        57 
   15SSB       57              57          57         27 
   10SSB         1                 1           1           1 

 Totals      768               755        755     145 

    Final Score = 109475 points.

The bad conditions really screwed up my strategy.  I had the second radio
going, but during the first few hours I didn't have anywhere to move anyone.
With the poor highband condx I decided I would take my offtime early and
save the op time for the low bands.  Last August, during a multi-op with
K5TR, I had a 129 hour on 80m.  That was not going to happen this time!

I did have some fun trying to make something happen on the highbands.  I
stayed on 15m during the first part of the contest with the second radio,
but not much going.  An hour of so into the contest I heard W1WEF and K1ZR
with good signals, but neither one could hear me.  About 0000z I was
cruising, turning the antennas trying to find something.  Midway through I
had 12 q's and 8 mults on 15.  I knew I'd be totally left behind if it
stayed that way.  I found a station that turned out to be running a KW in
NYC and, while I needed to take an off time to follow my strategy, I decided
instead to stay and CQ.  I ended up working 18 mults mainly in W1, 2 and 3
(also snagging a KH6).  I hit a nice rhythm with the second radio and
salvaged a 96 hour between 15m and 20m.  I kept checking 15m for the rest of
the contest but only heard 2 or 3 more stations.  The band was open, just
not many folks CQing.

Ten meters was a total bust with only one signal, N3BB about 60 miles away,
who I moved from 20m.  I only had one qso on 160m as I had antenna
probs followed by RF in my audio.  Thanks to NX5M for recognizing me.

Is this the strategy that W6/7 use during the NAQP's and Sprints, ie. hit
the highbands hard and try to hang on on the low bands?  Was it business as
usual guys?

I probably could have had more mults on 40 if I would have stayed on the
band a bit longer when I went the first time.  I did get all the close in
mults by going early before the band went long.  I missed some really easy
ones though in NY, NJ, CT and most of the VE's.  Just never
heard 'em.

I guess most casual people heard the terrible condx on 40/80/160 and just left. 

Here's to better conditions in the future!  A frustrating contest, but still a
very fun one.

73 and GL to all in the fall.

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