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[3830] WO1N MS SSB

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Subject: [3830] WO1N MS SSB
From: Ken_Caruso@compuserve.com (KEN CARUSO)
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 00:53:38 -0500
                    CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1997

      Call: WO1N                     Country:  United States
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single


      160       13       16     1.23      3       6
       80       38       62     1.63      9      16
       40       61      161     2.64     14      42
       20      147      398     2.71     19      67
       15       94      251     2.67     18      48
       10       24       57     2.38      8      17

     Totals    377      945     2.51     71     196  =>  252,315

 Hours operated: 30

 All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

 Operator List: K1WD + WO1N 

 Equipment Description: FT1000D, R7, 160Inv-L, Off Center Fed wire

 Club Affiliation: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


  I took Friday off to deal with real life things but during the course
  of the day realized I could probably find some time to put in a
  casual effort. I manage to find time to layout the first layer of
  radials for the 160 inv-l, set up a log file and find a microphone
  Friday evening I hosted my local radio club Board of Directors meeting.
  K1WD showed up and expressed an interest in getting on the air,
  so suddenly we had a Multi-Single team. Our first Q was at 0122 with
  CI9DH on 160M. Those guys were everywhere this weekend.

  I run basically a pw station with low power, wires and verticles so
  I never feel loud and decided to do all search and pounce to practice
  the technique. This was the first serious test with the FT1K I picked
  up used over the summer. I now know another reason I kept away from
  SSB. My previous radio just could not handle contest conditions and
  would add its own mixture to the cacophony of signals to make it very
  tiresome. The FT1K on the other hand, seems to not loose its cool and
  the signals were very much distortion free. Much easier on the brain.

  Basically 80 and 160 were a bust for us, but 40 through 10 were quite
  good. I pulled the plug at 0623Z Sat. with a whopping 36Q's in the
  log. We didn't start up again until 1345Z. K1WD S&P'ed for a couple
  of hours on 20 and 15 with good results into Europe. I took over and
  basically multiplexed family duties, trips to the stores, out to dinner
  etc. for the rest of the day. Finally at 0110Z Sun. I was back at the
  station sweeping the bands as quickly as I could, never considering
  trying a run. K1WD took over at 0300Z and routed out some very nice
  pacific mults in the dark hours of Sun morning. I picked up the station
  at 0930 GMT and basically kept sweeping 160 - 40M until chasing DX on
  40 was no longer productive. On to 20M at 1144Z. The next few hours
  were the best of the contest producing S&P rates 50-65 an hour. 15M
  was equally productive.

  Unfortunately I had to walk away from the best hour of the morning to
  attend to family commits. Pretty much the rest of the day was on and
  off and K1WD was tied up all day too. A couple of hours at K1TWF's
  to put up some tower sections was well worth the fresh air, keeping
  this effort in the casual category. In retrospect I should have tried
  running on 20 and 15 and was dissappointed I didn't sweep the V26B
  guys on 6 bands (missed them on 160M). On the other hand everyone on 
  the bands seemed to be in good spirits. I know I was glad we
  weren't all jammed into 20M during the day as in recent years.

  CU in the next one,


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