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[3830] 9A3MA WPX CW 20m SO/SB HP

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: [3830] 9A3MA WPX CW 20m SO/SB HP
From: desanic@usa.net (Alen Desanic)
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 16:26:19 +0200
This is my score:

   20      1749       3623        2.1          686      =3D   2,485,378

Equipments: TX/RX: YAESU FT101ZD
                    QRO:  HOME MADE 1KW
                     ANT: 2 el. QUAD

    Finally made nice score. I have been at little DX-pedition for WPX. =
Close to my home location is 200m hill which made barrier for east at my =
home location.I was take equipments, generator and go to top of that =
hill. Few days before contest I was DX-ing from hill. With 100 watts was =
very nice to copy 599+ from JA and USA. Propagation was every day =
different on 20 mtrs.

      When contest start, her was big "pile up" from USA. At first half =
hour made 80 QSOs and band was rapidly closed to USA. Big signals come =
from SA and UA9 next 3 hours.Just before sunrise, here come first JA and =
other far east stations. All day band was open to JA. First USA stations =
come again at 12:00 Z, but very weak. From 20:00 Z to 23:00 Z worked =
simultanously USA and JA. I was made a "handheld" antenna rotor. It was =
very easy to rotate antenna very fast from K to JA. Band was closed at =
23:30 Z . I take some sleep and complete 9 hours of "off" time. Come =
back at 05:00 Z. Band was open to W6/7 and JA . Worked few hours and =
take rest of 12 hours "off" time. Started again from 12:00 Z to the end =
of contest. JA and W6/7 coming through all Sunday, but very weak. =
Afternoon was for EU stations.Rate was 40 QSO/hour. Points was rise =
slowly to sunset. After sunset (19:00 Z), again work simultanously JA & =
K to 22:00 Z. Last two hours was for USA stations.Last 4 hours rate was =
70 QSO/hour. Finished contest and go home sleep.Today (Monday) uninstall =
equipments and write this letter.
    I hope that through next year I will make this nice location as =
Radio-club "Sibenik", 9A1CKL, contest location and work in =
multiop/allband/singleTX class.
Statistics: USA : 500 QSO
                   JA : 220 QSO
         Other DX :  220 QSO=20
                  EU : 800 QSO=20

        Special thanks to my friend Tomislav who is not a "HAM" but he =
was much help me about rest of  things ( transporting equipments, food =
support, cooking coffe, charging generator with fuel...).  Also thanks =
to Rolando, 9A3MR who was "rent" QRO to me, and Goran, 9A2OO who was =
call me every few hours to ask "How is going ?" and was gived to me =
moral support.
    Now, I am very tired and will take another 12 hours to sleep !!! =20

        That's all from me.

                                                        73 from Alen, =

P.S. Sorry if my english is not very good, but It's it.

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