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[3830] NAQP

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Subject: [3830] NAQP
From: mlfurrey@tenet.edu (MICHAEL FURREY)
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 16:06:25 -0700
Call used:      W5UW            Exchange:       Mike TX
Category:       Single operator
Operator:       WA5POK          Hours:  9.5

Band    Qs      pts     mults
160     19      19      9
80      73      73      29
40      158     158     43
20      123     123     37      
15      51      51      27
10      2       2       1
Total   426     426     146     =       62,196

This is always a fun contest for me but the QRN was pretty rough on the
low bands, S9. No sooner does one neighbor get a noisey door bell
xformer fixed then another starts sounding off! Local power company was
a great help in finding these things. They have been really been causing
alot of problems in this Texas sized heat! I appologize to those that
called that I counldn't copy on the low bands. Rig is FT1000 to Hygain 2
el 40 at 90', stacked quads on 2nd tower (I wish it were up! That stuff
is in the garage.) In reality the antenna farm on this postage size lot
is a 2 element 10/15 quad @ 30', a single element 20 delta loop pulled
up in a sweet gum tree, a 40 square loop in a pine tree and a 80 GP with
2 elevated radials in another pine tree. For 160 I added linear loading
to 80 GP and had one elevated radial wrapped around the lot. The
slum-lord wont even think of letting me trim on limb on one tree so I
can add 20 to the quad! I just need to get off of dead center and buy a
residence in an unrestriced area.

73 de Mike

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