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[3830] Sprint CW - K1TO

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Subject: [3830] Sprint CW - K1TO
From: K1to@aol.com (K1to@aol.com)
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 01:32:41 EDT
Sprint CW - K1TO, Florida

20 - 158  4/4 @ 93'/46' fixed NNW
40 - 128  finally a 40-2CD also fixed NNW
80 -  83   inverted vee from 85' or so
Total - 369/46

Hours were 105-85-96-83.  

Used an aging pair of TS-930s, an AL-1200 and an SB-220.  Had
never really done much 2-radio stuff before in the Sprint, so this 
worked out OK!

A great evening to do this from Florida.  Minimal QRN and only used
the short 300' beverage to the north occasionally on 80.  Spent much 
of the day "fixing" stuff and the station is held together in several 
places with clip leads - no lie!  Also enjoyed using the NA feature that 
automatically inserts your call in the correct part of the exchange
depending on whether you just answered or CQed - FB, Dave!

The 40-2 that finally got erected last month allowed me to stay 
competitive this time, especially in the 3rd hour.  Had struggled with 
getting beat out to almost everyone when I first got to 40.  80 was 
surprisingly good down here - got beat out a fair amount, but 
managed to keep finding guys.  Also mixed in a good bit of 40 in 
the last hour to keep the rate up.  Had 20 & 80 coming in on the
same remote switch, so had to abandon 20 once it was time for 80.  

Heard two mults that I did not snag - K5NZ/M in AR and N7FO in AZ.
Otherwise logged all that were heard.  Got #2 from Jim, K4ZM in AL
for the only real low number from a mult.  No other NA countries 
logged this time - unusual NOT to work a CO from here.  Neat to
see CT1BOH, G4BUO, IK0HBN and OH1NOA going at it pretty 

Anyway, it looks like scores are up across the board and that makes
for a great time for all of us.  

As the newly-elected President of the Florida Contest Group, it looks 
like I'll have to fend off WI9WI (Monica)  ;<)

73, Dan

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