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[3830] WQ5L CW Sprint

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Subject: [3830] WQ5L CW Sprint
From: rocker@datasync.com (Ray Rocker)
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 12:39:12 -0500 (CDT)
WQ5L (@N5FG), high power, one radio:

Band  Time  QSO
 20   1:33  102
 40   1:31  112
 80     0     0
Total 3:04  214 x 43 == 9,202

Got to N5FG's place only to be told that the balun on the 80 CW 
ant was dead. Bummer. Still, was three hours of great fun before
most guys moved to 80, at which point I got bored and went off
to chase DX.

Excellent condx and activity, especially from Canada. Worked all
of VE2 thru VE6. VO1XX was the only mult I heard but did not work. 
Got #1 from both VE2AWR and VE4ZOO.

Domestic mults missed: ME VT RI AL MS LA AR AK WY NE SD MAR BC YU

-- Ray  WQ5L  rocker@datasync.com

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