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[3830] K7SS QRP Sprint

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Subject: [3830] K7SS QRP Sprint
From: k7ss@wolfenet.com (Eskenazi/Leveque)
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 08:42:21 -0700
QSOs 168
Mults??? dont know yet..
but sure missed some heard..who couldnt hear me.
SET UP: G5RV end at 80 feet sloping west.
RIG: TS850 output 5W

Comments; A very HUMBLING experience! Cant run when they dont answer, and
cant work em if ANYONE else is calling em.... boy....what to do!!!
Had only about 20 of the Qs come from stations calling me after I worked
someone else.
Had about 15 answers to CQs, total!
Everything else was call em and pray no one else was calling at the same

20 was fine after it thinned out...about 0200. Beam would have helped the

40 was good to W6 and close in, and to W2GD who has an uncanny set of
ears... always hears me. Then opened longer with some east coast...but not
without repeats. 

80 only good for last 40 minutes to W6, but worked WB0O with EASE at 0400!!
and no one else til the 6s showed up 20 minutes later.

noticed I had to send my number slowly and carefully...lots of repeats...a
good test for the QRO guys..

As to other team members....

K5TR ONLY other QRP contact!! Never heard a peep of ANY of the other team
guys... and I hung in the high altitude part of the band 050--065 quite a
bit....and spent time looking for weak signals.

Good fun once again...even with my kvetching....and confirms my belief in
fast pace contests as the most fun in contesting..

Bad idea to sign /Q..... i was weak enough without it...

73 all

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