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[3830] Sprint Mults

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Subject: [3830] Sprint Mults
From: gussam@newcomm.net (Gus VO1MP)
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 10:41:42 -0230
Am I missing something here ?
I have monitored the results of some of the high scoring
stations in the  CW  sprint and notice that most if the stations who
have posted multipliers worked and missed omit VO1 from their list.
As I read the rules the mult categories are US states, Canadian Provinces
 and NA countries. Last time I looked, we were still a province , and this 
year we have been accorded section station.
In fact one very high scoring stn , whom I know I worked on a couple of bands
doesn't show VO1 on his list , but rather shows  Mar ( Maritime ? ) , under the 
old ARRL
 section rules Newfoundland DID fall into this category.
  Ergo any one who worked VO1XX should be entitled to an MX for VO1 -  not  Mar 
 Any of you sprint aficionados care to elucidate ?  Clarify ??

73  Gus

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