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[3830] K6ZZ SSB Sprint Score

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Subject: [3830] K6ZZ SSB Sprint Score
From: k6zz@ccis.com (Bob Selbrede)
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 11:22:04 -0700
K6ZZ SSB Sprint - Sep 98

Band    QSO's

20M     50
40M     50
80M     50

Total   150 QSO's  X  37 Mult's = 5,500 Points.  Time on 3.0 hours.


Was planning to do a semi-serious effort in this contest for the first time
in a while.  Was getting things ready to roll about 30 minutes before the
opening bell and found that my tower/rotator with the 40M and 20M beams on
it was stuck out towards VK/ZL land.  Tried to rock the rotator for a while
and couldn't get the antennas pointed any farther than JA land.  Oh well,
should have taken care of the problem sooner.  Worked all 20M and 40M QSO's
off the back/side of the antennas which took the wind out of my sails for
sure.  Better luck next time I guess!  Back to my pile of NAQP CW logs.

73, Bob K6ZZ

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