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[3830] N5NU SOLP Sprint (lack of)

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Subject: [3830] N5NU SOLP Sprint (lack of)
From: n5nu@inu.net (Jason N5NU)
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 18:55:31 -0500
                    SPRINT SUMMARY SHEET

     Contest Date : 13-Sep-98

    Callsign Used : N5NU
         Operator : N5NU
         Category : LOW POWER
 Default Exchange : # JAY TX

   BAND  Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries   

80SSB           4               4       4       0       0
40SSB           4               4       4       0       0
20SSB           160             155      155        47  1

Totals          168             163      163        47  1

163 x 48 Low Power              Score:  7824

Well, that was pretty fun.  I was planning on doing a "normal" sprint until
I found out that I had major RFI on 40 and 80 meters, so I just slugged it
out on 20 to see what would happen.

Looks like I picked up some mults that other people missed, but I also
missed some multipliers that other people got.  My last QSO was logged at
0359z with HR1KS for the 48th multiplier and only other NA country.  

Overall, the only mults I heard and missed were Utah (!), Quebec, and
Kansas.  I heard that Montana, Maine, and Alabama were also worked.  I
heard VE6 all over the place on 20, and worked 2 myself.  I heard 3
Alaskans, but nearly came out with nothing until WL7CFA answered me.  Three
Nebraskans were heard, but only one worked.  South Dakota (W0LMB) and
Delaware (K3FO/M) were also worked.  I heard Rob, VE4GV for a short time on
20, as well as one single Oregon.  Two Michigans, as well as one NJ and MS
were logged.

Mults Missed overall:
VE2, VE8
ME, UT, KS, MT, WY, AL, as well as some I'm sure I'm forgetting.

I'll chalk this one up as a learning experience and know better next time.  

73, Jason N5NU

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