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[3830] Phone Sprint..N7TR

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Subject: [3830] Phone Sprint..N7TR
From: n7tr@rnodx.org (Rich Hallman N7TR)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 03:43:08 -0700
N7TR   Rich  Nevada

     band      QSOs    
      80         68        Inverted V at 100 ft       
      40        103        40-2CD at 112 ft
      20        149        Stack TH7's at 102 / 55 ft
     TOTAL      320        320   X   45 multipliers  =  14,400
      Claimed 321 Q's but noticed #321 was logged at 0400Z so I 
      removed the QSO... 
     Club or Team Name: SCCC#1                        
     Comments:  WOW.....Great time but where did everyone find all the
                Mults....No NA DX, XE's ect....I did work WV2B/CY9 and
                got his name and a #1 out of him...Thought that was
                pretty good until I heard all the other high mults.
                Guess I need more practice...Think I should have gone
                back to 20 earlier and may have got more of the missing
                ones.  I even missed NEVADA!!  After moving to 40 for 
                the first time and being 20 Q's behind Team Member 
                Dan, AD6DO, I said I couldnt be beat by this young
                kid down the block!!!  ha   Well, I guess Im getting
                Old!! Caught up on Q's but not Mults. 
                Congrats to Bill, K4XS...Welcome back!!!

          See Ya!    Rich  N7TR

    Richard Hallman  N7TR            N7TR@RNODX.ORG
    11870 Heartpine St
    Reno NV  89506                   EX: KI3V, HL9RH
    702 677-1106                         A92FN, N3AMK

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