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[3830] Sprint Canadian Mults

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Subject: [3830] Sprint Canadian Mults
From: gussam@newcomm.net (Gus Samuelson)
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 15:09:37 -0230
Relative to my Previous  post on this subject
have had several inquiries about the status.

 According to the NCJ conest web site posted rules:

" There are 8 Canadian Mults "

VE2-VE3-VE3-VE4-VE5-VE6    Six (6) Provinces

VY1 & VE8                  0ne ( 1) Yukon & NWT

 VE1 & V01  & V02 )       ONE  ( 1 )  As Maritimes.

NOte that there has been a change in the call sign structure 
in Eastern Canada, that is not adressed in the NCJ Rules.
With some minor exceptions to some VE1's who
maintained their callsigns, in spite of the re-allocation of prefixes
 New Brunswick is VE9 and Prince Edward Island is VY2 
so consequently should also be part of the Maritimes Multiplier
I had several direct inquiries after my original post:
So there, for my own edification and for others  who had inquired; IT


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