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[3830] K8MR VHF QSO Party S/O Score

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Subject: [3830] K8MR VHF QSO Party S/O Score
From: k8mr@barf80.nshore.org (Jim Stahl)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 98 05:05:06 EDT
              1998 ARRL VHF QSO PARTY
     Call used: K8MR      Location: EN91   Ohio
     Category: Single Op All Band   Power: 150W
     Callsign of Operator: K8MR
     band      QSOs     points    mults
      50         92        92       34
     144        110       110       33
     222         34        68       20
     432         57       114       25
     TOTAL      293       384      112      SCORE: 43,008
     Comments:   Took Sunday off to go to the Findlay (OH)
Hamfest.  On the trip I rovered using the call W8AJ/R for about
18 2M qsos from EN91 and EN81.  My travelling companions (and I!)
were impressed that I worked K8GP from both grids using a IC-746
(see, they're not all bad :)>   ) and a 5/8 wave mag mount.
     From home this was my first contest with two radios
interlocked to prevent simultaneous transmissions.  I had some RF
feedback problems on 222 SSB, but otherwise it went smoothly. 
Now to see if it can be done at 5X the rate on HF!
Jim   K8MR

Jim Stahl
InterNet: k8mr@barf80.nshore.org
Basic Amateur Radio Frequency, BARF-80 +1 (440) 237-8208
"Totally devoted to Amateur Radio" - 24 Hrs a day 8/N/1 28.8k-1200 baud

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