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[3830] KK7GW INT Sprint

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Subject: [3830] KK7GW INT Sprint
From: kk7gw@hotmail.com (David Jones)
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 13:22:40 PDT
Band       QSOs     Mults

 15         64       11

Final score: 704 points

Equipment: TS-530, TR (Rat)log 6.30
Antenna: 40/15 dipole at 13 feet

Comments: Wow!  Lots of fun.  Hours went 31 33, but for me that's pretty 
good.  Maybe I'll get a decent antenna sometime!

Worked 18 WA's...thx to N0AX and N7LOX for at least 4 Q's each.

The rotating name idea is great, it's interesting to see.

More thoughts on the Sprints later.


David Jones, KK7GW   

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