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Subject: [3830] FG5BG CQ WW CW SOABHP
From: ki6fe@nwlink.com (Ryuichi Nakano)
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 17:58:32 -0800
Sorry for late posting.
I was so disappointed with the result of the contest
that I could not post it for that long.
My first murphy visited me 2 hours before the contest started.
I was in the final checking of antenna and found 80 m dipole was not
working. I climbed 100 ft tower in the dark and rain and replaced 
the feeding point.
The biggest one visited me soon after that.
IC760 quitted transmitting 23:57Z. Just before hitting CQ TEST.
I rushed Georges, FG5BG's home and borrowed his TS440.
I found his 440 did not have CW filter so I made a relay box
to transmit with 440 and receive with 760.
I finally got myself on the air around 0130Z, but by the time,
I totally lost my concentration. I often forgot to move 440' VFO
when I QSYed and called multipliers on the wrong frequencies.
If I transmitted on your frequency without answering your QRL,
I am so sorry. 
Here is my humble result. I hope I get the first place in FG.

BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Countries   Zones
  160CW       87          87         185         23        10
   80CW      296         296         707         53        16
   40CW      667         664       1553        70        26
   20CW      865         862       2074        77        32
   15CW      955         951       2340        79        30
   10CW     1173        1166      2821        75        27
 Totals     4043        4026       9680       377       141

    Final Score = 5014240 points.

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