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[3830] 1999 IARU, N7WA, M/S

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Subject: [3830] 1999 IARU, N7WA, M/S
From: mwdink@eskimo.com (Michael Dinkelman)
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 21:06:48 -0700
Take four CW guys who've never done a IARU M/S single
(including me, the sponsor) toss in excellent weather, 
a wide range of ages (14-54), nationalities, a disdane
for SSB (what do you mean M/S's are automatically 
mixed mode?), and a whole lotta great propagation and you
get great fun and enjoyment even if we don't beat the W7RM
M/S team (goal #2 in the 3 goal N7WA M/S goal list).

Goal #1 one was to have fun and enjoy ourselves so we
made that one. Goal #3 was 1000 Q and 100 mults - we made
half that one.

We certainly tried our best to stay off SSB even though 
we knew that would place us at a disadvantage but we 
had to do it sometimes to meet the mult goal. (Aw geez,
you mean its my turn on the mike?) I think the IARU needs
a new category, M/S CW only (and SSB only for those inclined).

The 10 minute rule really hurts as it relegated mult hunting
to the same band. Its hard enough trying to keep station 
interference down on different bands and impossible on the 
same band (ala Field Day). I would love to hear from those 
who made it work or did we interpret the rules incorrectly?

Already looking foward to Fall contest season (What am I saying?
Summer just arrived in the Pacific NW - I gotta get some rays first)


the numbers please...........

                               IARU SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 10-Jul-99, 11-Jul-99

    Callsign Used : N7WA
        Operators : NW7DX, JR1NKN, W7CAJ, N7WA

         Category : Multi Single

 Default Exchange : 599 06

             Name : Michael Dinkelman
          Address : 22222 148th Ave SE
   City/State/Zip : Kent, WA 98042
          Country : United States

        Team/Club : Western Washingon DX Club

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Zones

   80CW       30          30         72       1         7
   40CW      274         274        812       3        21
   20CW      198         195        651      15        21
   20SSB      22          22         60       2         2
   15CW      185         184        726      17        18
   15SSB      12          12         43       0         3
   10CW        5           5         25       0         3

 Totals      726         722       2389      38        75

    Final Score = 269957 points.

 We didn't cheat!

Signed: dink

Michael Dinkelman, N7WA
Kent, WA

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