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[3830] K6GV CW Sprint

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Subject: [3830] K6GV CW Sprint
From: EDWOODS@msg.pacbell.com (WOODS, ERIC D (PB))
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 11:36:13 -0700
231 x 45

At W6UT , Randy's.  765 and Alpha 8sumpin, Pro 67 @ 75'.

Went like hell then brain fade engaged.  Only 28 q's on 80....
Due to neighbor considerations, I could only run 400 W on 40 and 100 W on

This time I was well rested and had the station up (even remembering to put
the computer on UTC!) in plenty of time.  I think my am yard work caught up
with me at about 1:30.  At least I cracked the 10K barrier finally - well,
at least until my screw-ups are detected and the real score emerges.....

Thanks to Randy and Sue for putting up with me again.  I had the run of the
station while they were State Fairing.

Eric, K6GV


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