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[3830] W7RM CW WW Multi/Multi

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Subject: [3830] W7RM CW WW Multi/Multi
From: hwardsil@WOLFENET.com (Ward Silver)
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 09:12:54 -0800 (PST)

    Callsign Used : W7RM
        Operators : 160 - KI7Y, W7WA
                     80 - K9JF, K5ZM
                     40 - N7JOE, W7WA, W7BX
                     20 - N0AX, N7OU, NW7DX
                     15 - W7WA, K7NT, JR1NKN
                     10 - W7NX
         Category : M/M

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Countries   Zones

  160CW      108         108        175        23        15
   80CW      341         340        878        59        33
   40CW     1002        1000       2672       115        34
   20CW     1665        1628       4316       126        38
   15CW     1126        1119       3132       123        40
   10CW     1022        1020       2678        99        34

 Totals     5264        5215      13851       545       194

    Final Score = 10,235,889 points.

A huge weekend!  I was getting a little nervous, seeing "MAJOR FLARE" on
the WWV report from Friday, but there wasn't much disturbance in our
conditions until late in the contest.

This is definitely a new 7th district record as all the high bands pushed
to new W7RM record totals.  Twenty led the way as the money band once
again, but all bands were busy.  80 was surprisingly strong - K9JF's
performance on Friday night was awesome - with 33 zones in the log by
Sunday.  15 was 'way up from last year and 10-meters came alive in a big
way.  40-meters, always strong with Rush's super antennas, was almost
never closed, and the score there shows it.

Also of note is that 40-10 all scored DXCC and better than a
kilo-QSO...all top efforts from the West Coast.  15-meters rang the bell
with WAZ as OX/N6AA went in the log - QSOs with 5H3US and 5A1A made it

Welcome to new operators Ben, NW7DX, and Atsushi, JR1NKN - both helped
make this effort possible.  I think everyone got some time in on just
about all bands, so the "well-dones" can be sprinkled liberally.

Not too many bites by Mr. Murphy, although there were some panick-y radio
and computer swaps.  All that RF does funny things to computers...  The
use of the N7TR internet cluster was crucial...thanks, Rich!

Rush also got the Contest Stew recipe exactly right this year - I'm sure
that had a lot to do with it.  Rush is amazing...

Propagation notes:  Either conditions were really good or the Juan de Fuca
plate broke loose and scooted Radio La Center 1000 miles south...

- What happened to 20 on Friday night?  No S. Pacific at all.  SE Asia
mults came in during the morning.  Made the all-night shift pretty boring. 

- Guess Friday's flare bothered us some on Sunday, but 10-meters was
working Europe all morning, so it couldn't have been too bad. 

- The good conditions on the high bands seemed to hurt SA participation on
20 as few PY's made it in the log.  The ones we worked were loud, so the
band was open, but nobody was home there. 

- Odd skew paths on 10 and 15 were noted to the east in the afternoon -
probably disturbance related. 

Congratulations to the super scores from the East Coast - run till ya
drop!  The good news here is that the ratio 'twixt here and there got a
LOT smaller this year :-)  CU in the log next year, too!

73, Ward N0AX
20-meter gunner and composer of networked limericks during the slow hours

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