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[3830] 99 ARRL 10mtr KS7O, SO HP CW UNASS

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Subject: [3830] 99 ARRL 10mtr KS7O, SO HP CW UNASS
From: bydal@mis.net (Bryan Bydal)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 10:48:57 -0500
Well, another lack-luster performance. Kinda tough in this one for the =
stateside Q's, Ky is right in the middle of 2/3 of the ham population! =
Good prop Sat night close in, groundwave I guess, or maybe just a real =
short skip zone, but had to take the xyl out for dinner with our =
friends, cost me dearly I believe! But hey, gotta keep the xyl happy, =
especially if your going to hit her up on buying some new equipment, I =
look at it as an investment in the future!! Thanks to everyone for the =
great contest and see ya'll again!

1366 Q's   89 c   58 s
Total score: 804,972

Homebrew Amp
4 ele mono @ 110 ft (too high for stateside!)
Last minute dipole at 50 ft (trying to get stateside better!)

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