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[3830] NAQP CW N4vi SO

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Subject: [3830] NAQP CW N4vi SO
From: n4vi@diac.com (Chris Adams)
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 16:44:56 -0600

               NA QSO SUMMARY SHEET - N4VI

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

  160CW        4           4          4       3 
   80CW       74          74         74      30 
   40CW      187         187        187      45 
   20CW      218         215        215      41 
   15CW      110         109        109      35 
   10CW       49          48         48      19 

 Totals      642         637        637     173 

    Final Score = 110201 points.

Rig:  TS-870s
Logging:  by TR

The "Zero Gain Antenna Farm":

160m :  80m inverted vee top load with feedline as radiator
80m:  dipiole/vee fed with 450 ohm ladder line
40m:  dipole broadside E/W
20/15/10:  cushcraft D-3 rotatable dipole

My best effort in any August NAQP was 453 Q's and I've done
significantly better in winter NAQP?s.  Needless to say I was determined
to improve on the Summer scoring.  It was a very successful effort but
what a shame that 10 and especially 15m couldn?t hang in there any

No local thunderstorms, but the noise level picked up, even on 20m in
mid-afternoon.  Highlights were the good start on 10m and some good runs
on 40m.  Problem areas were 160m and the low mult count.  I probably
shouldn?t be surprised with the 160m area since the radiator is my 80m
450 ohm ladder line fed as a longwire, using the vee as top loading
(with no radials!).  However, this combination had worked well for me
last winter.  The noise level didn?t help either.  The low mult count
probably comes from:

1.  staying on 40m too long and not spending enough time on 80m
2.  160m setup
3.  possibly not having 2 radios

My apologies for refusing qsy requests to 160m, it?s not easy to switch
things around at the tuner.  Hopefully the situation can be remedied
with a different antenna or at least some knife switches to setup the
tuner and "feedline" correctly.
Hopefully this should be the last contest with the "zero gain" antenna


chris, n4vi

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