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Subject: [3830] ARRL SS CW N9RV SO HP
From: pbarkey@gw.bsu.edu (pbarkey@gw.bsu.edu)
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 22:13:53 -0500 (EST)
                     ARRL Sweepstakes - CW
Call: N9RV
Operator(s): N9RV
Station: N9RV

Class: SO HP
Section: IN
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band     QSOs
   80:    129
   40:    665
   20:    347
   15:     68
   10:     79
Total:   1288 x     80  =  206,080

Club: North Coast Contesters


Wow, what a grind.  This was very good two radio practice, but
Sunday was just a waste land for QSOs.  I made it a point to
try to put as much energy into Sunday as I could, but there
were still too many 7-8 minute stretches with absolutely
nothing to show for the effort -- no QSOs in the log.

I can remember a time when everyone, and I mean everyone,
operated the SS, but that's apparently not the case anymore.

The station here still has all the antennas on one tower, so
the interactions between radios was a problem (still haven't
invested in filters).  I tried not to CQ much on 15 meters
because this wiped out both 20 and 10.  From the 15 meter
totals people around here are coming up with this was something
that really hurt me.

I did SO2R more effectively in this contest when my second
radio just used a dedicated Gap vertical, barefoot!  

The biggest thrill had nothing to do with the contest.  I
got called by UN7TX while CQing at 7052 on Sunday night.
This is on a 40 foot high dipole!!  Guess I am a DX contest
person at heart.

Congratulations to all for those nice scores.  I think anyone
who toughs out Sunday afternoon in a CW SS ought to
get a free beer at Dayton or something.

   - Pat

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