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Subject: [3830] GU0SUP SOABLP BARTG
From: Phil Cooper GU0SUP" <pcooper@guernsey.net (Phil Cooper GU0SUP)
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:24:05 -0000
Hi one and all!

Well, was that an odd one or not?? Propagation was very strange here, as I
seemed to have a good path to the east at times when I shouldn't have! I
even wonder whether the W6's were long-path, as I didn't hear the W5's so

For the master: (Eddie - W6-stroke-something (!)), don't mock my twin mobile
antennas, they work!

Highlights were getting HI9/DL in the log, but not for contest points. As it
was a new one for me, I was happy to work them anyway. Also managed a few
new ones, such as the ZC4, plus plenty of band-fills to increase my DXCC
totals on 10 & 15.
It was bloomin' hard to find an African station for the final continent, but
I did get ZS/DM5TI towards that later stages. Where were all the EA8's and
EA9's that usually play?
I also saw that plenty of the UA stations were playing SSB or CW contest
instead of being on RTTY, so that amde a difference.

10m was good at times, although 15 was my better band for points and mults.
20m was VERY odd, as in me working most of the UK, but then finding JA's and
VK's in there amongst them!

WF1B worked well, although I lost a couple of QSO serial numbers, but it
really was operator error!
Also checked the Cabrillo part, and that seems to work OK, so if you have
any problems it may well be YOU!

Got all 10 W call areas on 10m and 15m, and only missed W7 and W9 on 20m.

So, here is what I managed:

BARTG RTTY Contest 2001
Call used: GU0SUP
Location:  Guernsey

Entry Class: Single Op, All Band

Band    QSOs   Pts  Dist    DX  Cont
80           0        0     0       0     0
40          31      30    0       21    2
20        108     108   13      43    5
15         134     134  18      40     5
10          63      63    18     23     6
-----   ----  ----  ----  ----  ---- -----
Total    336   335    49   127     6


Claimed Score: 353760

Software: RTTY by WF1B  v4.5c

Power Output: 50 watts
Antenna: 1/2 size G5RV, plus the two mobile whips for 10m on a dipole

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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