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[3830] IARU K5NA M/S

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Subject: [3830] IARU K5NA M/S
From: k5na@texas.net (k5na@texas.net)
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:23:16 -0400 (EDT)
                     IARU HF Championship
Call: K5NA
Operator(s): AF5Z,K5DU,K5NA,KI5DR,N5ZC
Station: K5NA

Class: M/S  Power: HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band     CW Qs    Ph Qs    Mults
  160:      16        0        7
   80:      15       12        9
   40:     229        0       40
   20:     343      389       65
   15:     350      162       55
   10:      22      476       10
Total:     975     1039      186  =  1,212,720



This was an historic moment for us, the first serious K5NA multi-op in Texas. 

In spite of many problems such as last minute rotator failures (turned out to 
be a cable problem), multiple rotator replacements, a 500 foot rotator cable 
replacement,  computers that didn't want to work, and networks that wouldn't 
network; we finally got things going really good a little after the contest had 
begun. We had three operating positions but only one actually had rig control. 
The other positions had to manually tune to the cluster spots.

For antennas we have a Cushcraft X9 tribander at 80 feet for our only 20 meter 
antenna and it is also our only rotatable 10 meter antenna. There is a second 
Cushcraft 5 element 10 meter monobander (XM510) sidemounted at 100 feet and 
pointed towards Europe. For 15 meters we have a Cushcraft 5 element monobander 
(XM515) at 168 feet (too high) and of course, the versatile X9 tribander was 
used too. Too bad that Cushcraft has discontinued making their XM series of 
monobanders (except for the XM240) and the X9 tribander. I find that they are 
terrific antennas both electrically and mechanically.

On the low bands we are more competitive having a Cushcraft XM240 2 element 40 
meter yagi at 195 feet and another one at 98 feet. 80 meters uses fullsized 
sloping dipoles for Europe and Japan and two fullsized sloping dipoles and a 
full sized raised vertical for 160 meters. However this is a high band contest 
because of the summer months and our low band antennas didn't buy us much 

The operating team was new together and we had N5ZC and KI5DR doing the SSB 
chores while AF5Z and I (K5NA) concentrated on CW duties. K5DU was always there 
to fill in when and if necessary plus doing her duties as "Contest Mom". The 
team turned out to be really GREAT and we all meshed together nicely during the 

It looks like we are in a dead heat with AA5NT for the M/S Championship of 
Texas (unless someone else shows up). Congratulations to them for a fine effort 
and to their fine operators, many of whom I have operated with in the past. I 
think the winner will be determined during the log checking processing. My 
congratulations to both groups regardless of who wins.

I want to also thank N5TW (Tom) who worked like a dog over the past few weeks 
helping me get the X9 antenna system fixed. A Dayton Weekend windstorm came 
through here and damaged the VHF/UHF antenna systems that were on the mast 
above the X9 tribander. Everything on the system had to be taken down and 
replaced including taking the X9 to the ground and re-installing it when the 
mast and rotator were back in place. Quite a feat with a heavy 20+ foot 
chromemoly mast to deal with.

The band and mode breakout numbers above were taken from the continent 
breakdown of CT and I believe it includes dups. Howeever the bottom line score 
is correct and it was taken from the summary sheet. I am also including the 
summary sheet below.

73, Richard - K5NA

                  IARU HF Championship -- 2001

      Call:      K5NA
      Category:  Multi Single
      Power:     High Power
      Band:      All Band
      Mode:      Mixed Mode 
      Country:   United States


      160       16       42     2.62      5      2
       80       27       59     2.19      5      4
       40      225      711     3.16     21     19
       20      722     2782     3.85     40     25
       15      506     1618     3.20     30     25
       10      496     1308     2.64      8      2

     Totals   1992     6520     3.27    109     77

                 Score: 1,212,720 points

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List: __ AF5Z, K5DU, K5NA, KI5DR, N5ZC _________________________

Equipment Description:

Club Affiliation: Central Texas DX & Contest Club

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _________________________________


               Richard L. King  K5NA
               17726 FM 973 North
               Manor, TX 78653

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