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[3830] CaQP W8MJ Single Op LP

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Subject: [3830] CaQP W8MJ Single Op LP
From: w8mj@peoplepc.com (w8mj@peoplepc.com)
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 11:16:38 -0700
                    California QSO Party

Call: W8MJ
Operator(s): W8MJ
Station: W8MJ

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24.0
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:    0      0
   80:   32      7
   40:   81     90
   20:   95    163
   15:   99    199
   10:  101    327
Total:  408    786  Mults = 58  Total Score = 162,168

Club: Mad River Radio Club


I have been operating CQP competitively since 1991, and never have experience
the band activity like I did this last weekend in CQP.  The participation by the
California stations was extremely execptional.  There is no other way to explain
it. The band conditions, at least to Michigan were very good.  It seemed like a
straight pipe-line between here in California.  Even the qrp stations had very
good signals.  My compliments to the N.C.C.C. for putting on a terrific QSO
Party, and getting all the California stations on the band like you did.  

My strategy for this year was a little different then in years past.  Usually, I
would get on before the contest, and see what band seemed to be good to start
on, and then I would start CQing on phone on one radio, and S&P on the other
radio for CW contacts in between the phone QSO's.  This year I appoached it ike
approaching SS. I just kept sweeping the bands for the first couple of hours on
both modes, and working everything I came across.  I was extremely suprized with
the activity, and how I was accumalating the mults as I went along.  I then
settled down to calling CQ on 15 SSB, and working CW on the alternate radio.  At
this point I was down to just needing one mulitipier to get the sweep.  I even
starting putting into my CQ looking especially for Sisk Cty.  Much to my suprize
in a short time, KJ6RA gave out Sisk to me to complete the sweep at 2007 utc.
(4hrs. 7 minutes) into the contest.  I never have had a sweep the first day in
all the years of operating this contest let alone this early into the contest. 
This can only again be attributed to the exceptional band activity from

The one thing about this event, it keeps you going, and the competition just
keeps pushing you along.  I know N0AC was on my heels all the way through, and I
am sure Keith, WA3HAE was right there with him. I am sure there are going to be
some other big scores from out of state stations given the conditions that I
exprienced. I have found the competitiveness of contesting to be a great stress
reliever, and this weekend proved that out again.  I had a great deal of fun,
and enjoyed every minute of it. 

At the end of the first (night) day of operating 0734Z, I was at 913 q's.  That
was more than my total score for last year entirely.  So, I knew that Sunday was
going to be kinda slow after workhing so many the first day.  10 meters proved
to be the band savior on Sunday, and gave me close to 1200 q's by the end of the
contest.  All and all another great start to the contest season with CQP. 
Thanks again to N.C.C.C. for another great year of CQP. 

Additional Information:

Sweep @ 2007 z

Unique Calls 557

Alternate Radio q's 317

Most cty q's = Lax 133, Sdgo 94, Scla 85, Org 67, Sber 56, and Ala 55

Station Set Up: (2) Yaseu FT 1000MP Mark V Field Radio's

Antenna: (2) TH-7DX antennas @ 66' and 99' respectfully
         (1) TH-6 antenna @ 60', and (1) A-3 @ 50'

         (1) 40 meter Telerex Beam @ 75'

         (1) 80 meter dipole @ 65'

See you all in PA qso party this weekend.

73's Ken W8MJ

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