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[3830] SS CW KB0VVT Multi-Op LP

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Subject: [3830] SS CW KB0VVT Multi-Op LP
From: \"\\\"Rebecca\\\"\""<kb0vvt@arrl.net (\"\\\"Rebecca\\\"\""<kb0vvt@arrl.net)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 19:42:40 -0800
                    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: KB0VVT
Operator(s): KB0VVT,KG0US
Station: KB0VVT

Class: Multi-Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:  134
   40:  185
   20:  364
   15:  278
   10:   75
Total: 1036  Sections = 80  Total Score = 165,760

Club: Raytown ARC




2 Dunestar Model 600 bandpass filters

40 foot Universal Tower with KLM KT34A tri-band beam.
Alpha Delta DX-A twin sloper mounted on the tower at around 35 feet.
Cushcraft R7 Vertical.

I am not sure that many people are aware of the ARRL contest soapbox located on
the ARRL web site.  It allows you to post your comments along with photographs
describing your contest experience.  Rebecca?s post and photograph of her
operating is located at the following link:


My 14 year old daughter Rebecca KB0VVT and I, really performed much better this
year than in our first full effort attempt in CW SS last year.  Rebecca was very
enthusiastic about operating during this contest.  She wanted to work 1500
people.  I thought a more realistic goal was 1000 QSOs given last years results
for the mid west section along with the use of low power and our antennas.

Rebecca spent the most time running the frequencies and made the majority of the
QSOs.  She really likes cw contesting and is getting pretty good at it.  She was
able to do her Algebra, Civics, and English homework and run a frequency at the
same time late Sunday afternoon.  I would have taken over for her but she wanted
stay on the radio.

We really wanted to be able to keep up with our friend Steve K0OU who only lives
about 2 blocks away and was running high power by himself during the contest. 
Steve was one of the main people that got us into contesting.  Sometimes I
wonder if he wishes he never got us involved since we are so close.  Amazingly,
we did not interfere with each other near as much as last year.  We were more
self conscience of each other this year and tried not to run a frequency right
in the middle of a given band.  This gave us more of an opportunity to exist
together on the same band.  Iron man Steve managed to edge us out again.

We used a lot of time trying to get the NF multiplier on Sunday afternoon.  I
was beginning to think we were not going to get the sweep this year.  Thank you
VO1MP !!!!  A full gallon would have definitely helped in that pileup.

My wife Barbara KG0UT, Rebecca and I our planning on doing SS phone using
Barbara?s callsign.

Thanks for all the QSOs!

Dave, KG0US

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