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RE: [3830] Rule Change for IARU test

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Subject: RE: [3830] Rule Change for IARU test
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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:37:31 -0600
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        For some time I've been lobbying to get power categories added to the
multi-op classes of major CQ and ARRL contests. I know lots of people who
would be happy to muti-op from their stations with out subjecting family and
neighbors to 48 hrs of transmitting at the KW level. They would be happy to
do  low power or even QRP. In 2002 WPX CW I was part of a team doing QRP
multi-multi at TI5N and we finished in the top third and most of the
competition was running high power and a hand full at low power. Non of the
major contests have power categories for multi-op. Most do for single op.
        Neither CQ nor ARRL show any interest in changing unless it can be
demonstrated that it would increase participation, not just reclassify the
people who would participate anyways.
        Now if we could just get CQWW to speed up the certificate delivery 
I believe the 2000 CQWW certs still have not hit the mail. WPX has been
doing well.
        73 Phil N0KE

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Subject: [3830] Rule Change for IARU test

What rules need to be changed?

Add LOW POWER category.
Add QRP category.
Add Club/Team Competition.

Why do the rules need to be changed?

To increase participation.  By adding new competition categories there
will be added value to the contest.  More participants will increase
activity to compete for awards.

One example:  Did anybody notice the larger than normal number of HQ
stations S&Ping due to low activity when they would normally be CQing to
keep the rate up?  Does anybody believe that the low activity is solely a
result of poor propagation?

How will this rule change affect the costs to administrate the contest?

Costs will increase.

How can added costs be offset?

As administrator for the contest, the ARRL can sell memorabilia, such as
pins, coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc.  More competition categories = more
participants = more "buyers" (of memorabilia) = more money!


Arguing that added costs to add competition categories is prohibitive is
not valid when there is a viable solution.

Once we identify the decision makers for rule changes and the policy and
procedure for presenting a formal proposal, it is my intent to announce a
more developed and detailed plan-of-action to effect these changes.

73 Ric Wo4o


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