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[3830] Practice NAQP Friday night, 04Z

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Subject: [3830] Practice NAQP Friday night, 04Z
From: Ken Keeler <kenkeeler@jazznut.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 15:24:13 -0800
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NCCC invites all contesters to test out logging S/W, station hardware, and voice-keyers for the NAQP SSB contest this weekend. We will have our traditional pre-contest warmup from 0400 to 0430Z (Fri. local), on 40, 80, 160m. Suggested freq.: 7220+/- 20; 3830 +/-20; 1850 +/-10. Follow usual NAQP exchange format.

NCCC post-portem on 3853 SSB after 0430Z to discuss strategies, software problems, etc. CU Friday night.


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