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[3830] Region 1 Field Day Contest CW S58U/P Low Power/Multi Op

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Subject: [3830] Region 1 Field Day Contest CW S58U/P Low Power/Multi Op
From: "Mirko Sibilja" <s57ad@amis.net>
Reply-to: Mirko Sibilja <s57ad@amis.net>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 15:58:02 +0200
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                        REGION 1 FIELD DAY SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 05-Jun-04, 06-Jun-04

    Callsign Used : S58U/P
        Operators : AC6DD, S51VI, S52ID, S52RO, S53RA, S57AD, S57LO, S57RR, 
S57XX, S58MU, S59AV 

         Category : D/OB

 Default Exchange : 599 #
   Operating Time : 24 hours

 Equipment description : YAESU FT-920, Pwr 100 W, PC
                         Kenwood TS-450 SAT, Pwr 100W, PC

      Logging software : N6TR LOGGING PROGRAM Version 6.79

              Antennas : 3 el. Tribander 14/21/28 @ 9m
                         7 MHz Dipole @ 12m
                         3,5 MHz Dipole @ 12m
                         1,8 MHz balloon supported vertical

       Power generator : Robin 2200 W

       Operating QTH/P : Poljane, 400 m ASL

                  Name : RADIOKLUB "PIRAN"
               Address : BELOKRISKA 56 A
        City/State/Zip : SI-6320 PORTOROZ
               Country : SLOVENIA

             Team/Club : RADIOKLUB "PIRAN"

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

  160CW      104         101        384      20
   80CW      191         185        607      34
   40CW      269         263        832      36
   20CW      356         340       1103      46
   15CW       79          79        229      26
   10CW       15          15         38       6
 Totals     1015         983       3193     168

    Final Score = 536424 points.

 Soapbox Comments

 In despite of some technical issues (lack of multiplier antenna for higher 
 band to band QRM due to proximity of antennas, occassional RF pick-up in 
 which forced us to reboot them several times), we had lot of fun and enjoyed
 operating in Region 1 Field Day contest very much. Balloon supported vertical
 for top band turned again to be our secret weapon. 

 At the same time, S50J and S56ZUR were active in the VHF & UHF ZRS contest,
 working with an IC-821H and FT-815 for 50 MHz, not to achieve top-score
 results, but only to make the S58U callsign active on as many as possible ham
 bands. Under Graziano's elmership, S56ZUR made his first several dozens of 
 contacts.  It seems he is catched by contest bug now and that at soon we'll 
 to his own contest war-stories at Tuesday's club meetings.

 While operators on duty were busy making contacts, others enjoyed great family
 party with barbecue, delicious olive bread and nut cake prepared by S51VI's
 XYL Silva, attended by S58MU's wife and daughter Spela, S52RO and his son, 
S57LO's wife
 Danijela with son Rok and little daughter Maja, S59AV's wife Brigita with 
 Julija, S51VI's wife Silva and son David, S57NKI with daugher Maja, and we 
were visited
 shortly by Vlado, S57KV with his wife, S57AZW Elizej, S57MSE Niki, S56C Alen 
with his wife
 Doroteja and daughter Maja, AC6DD's wife Stephia.  We were visited also by 
Mario S56A,
 N1YU and Marijan S58O, both members of S53Z/P team operating from another 
location few miles

 We are most grateful to Ales, S56LPY, who let us operate from his ranch, and to
 all the club members, especially to S56IAI, S57JEL, S57RW and others, who 
helped us in
 setting up and dismantling the station.

 I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations established
 for amateur radio in my country.  My report is correct and true to the best
 of my knowledge.  I agree to be bound by the decisions of the Awards Committee.

 Date ______________   Signed _____________________________  Call ___________

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