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Subject: [3830] ANARTS AA5AU SOST HP
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Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 19:25:18 -0700
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                    ANARTS WW RTTY Contest

Call: AA5AU
Operator(s): AA5AU
Station: AA5AU

Class: SOST HP
Operating Time (hrs): 30
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs   Pts   Mults
   80:    8     20     6
   40:   87    880    40
   20:  494   7727    93
   15:  294   4346    82
   10:   36    312    14
Total:  919  13285   235  Continents = 6  Total Score = 18,733,250



"There is no sweeter pay than the accomplishment of a job well-done." - Maya

It must have been payday around here because I feel all kinds of good about my
effort this year's ANARTS contest.  It was indeed a "sweet" contest.

Who would have ever thought band conditions would be this good with the solar
flux at 88?  Well, it was.  Here anyway.  15 meters was extra "sweet".  Yielding
rare paths to Asia in the morning and Europeans well past their sunset.

And how about all those rare multipliers?  5U7B, XV1X, 9V1UV, 9M2/G4ZFE...

The DX paths were not the usual kind.  Just about everything was over the pole
and when it wasn't, I had to listen to the noise to tell me where the path was
open.  The less noise, the better the path.  So I was constantly making minor
adjustments to the beams to the lowest noise path.  And there wasn't much noise
on Sunday even as the K index climbed to 3.  Looking at the charts I could see
there was some moderate solar action but I didn't think it was in time to help
us in the contest.  Maybe it was.

Something helped, because the bands were very good.  Worked one EU on 10 meters
- EA1AKS, but stateside east of the Rockies was open.  Unfortunately not many
found their way to 10.  20 was the money band as expected.  40 was not too bad
despite high summertime noise but signals were strong enough to copy with the
attenuators on.  80 was too noisy to work.  But 15 was... well, it was just

I got a 4 hour late start to the contest after taking the YL to dinner and
watching a movie.  But when I found 20 meters wide open to EU, I knew something
special was going on.  I missed the VK, ZL, JA openings on 40 meters both
mornings but it didn't seem to hurt my score too much as I elected to sleep

I broke W1ZT's USA record with about 5 hours to go - sorry George.  It was my
best ever ANARTS contest.

73, Don AA5AU

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