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Subject: [3830] NAQP RTTY W5KFT M/2 LP
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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 12:41:29 -0800
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                    North American QSO Party, RTTY

Call: W5KFT
Operator(s): K5TWJ, K5PI, KD5SQF
Station: W5KFT

Class: M/2 LP
QTH: Bluffton, TX
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  190    50
   40:  288    54
   20:  265    50
   15:  132    37
   10:    0     0
Total:  875   191  Total Score = 167,125

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club



I think we did okay.  10M was really disappointing.  We heard 2 people on 10M,
but couldn?t work them.  We moved people a lot more than in previous contests,
and I think that made all of the difference. The low bands were the money for
us.  I was really happy to see so much activity on 40 & 80. 

About 3 hours into the contest, we had a power supply start smoking.  We
couldn?t identify the smell at first, but I can tell you I was pretty freaked
out when my Icom 756 ProII turned off.  We diagnosed the problem and got
reconfigured and back on the air within about 5 minutes.   Arcing in the power
supply appeared to be caused by a loose screw from the PCB to the main DC

Although our score was lower than last year, I think we performed better.  It
looks like most people had troubles with 10M.  I?m pleased with the outcome.  It
was KD5SQF's first time out to the ranch.  I think he picked a good contest to
come out for.

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